Hilton Head Island, SC Real Estate Professional: What Type of Buyer are you-a Caterpillar or Butterfly

What Type of Buyer are you-a Caterpillar or Butterfly

What Type of Buyer are you - a Caterpillar or Butterfly

Pardon the analogy but I've been engrossed all summer with my newest hobby - providing nectar plants in order to attract butterflies - well, technically to attract the caterpillars which will in turn produce the butterflies.

Because I've been highly attentive watching this life cycle and because my real profession is not that of an entomologist but instead a Realtor(R) I naturally applied my research to buyers.

Flower Selection ProcessPhase One - Flower Selection Process

The first contact I have with you is generally from my website - you're now the butterfly that quickly lands on all kinds of different flowers. The butterfly goes from flower to flower trying to find just the right place to either sip nectar or to lay eggs. This process truthfully is not much different during the Realtor(R) selection process. I try to provide a good place for buyers - and sellers too - to 'land' so that the next phase can begin. The information should be clear, concise, and informational without being tricky and I try to answer as specifically as someone wants so that I can be the preferred "flower" and not have someone flit off to someone else who supplies their needs better.

Phase Two - Food (Information) Gathering

After you have found my website - my 'store' as it were - you can shop there to your heart's content and Phase Two Information Gatheringagain like the caterpillar, devour information. You can highlight locations of properties, types of properties in the area, the features that you like, gain general information about Hilton Head or Bluffton, or perhaps Sun City, but all the while I'll respond to you with things that I know since I've been here for nearly 19 years, I've worked with hundreds of buyers and sellers, and can give you updates as well as sources to go to for more specific information.

Phase Three - Pupating and Chrysalis Formation (Processing and Contemplation)

I get it, this is usually a quiet time, you have been studying information, processing all the ins and outs of the area, you may have come for a visit, you may have to sell your home, you may have to line up financing; at this point, sometimes, all you need me for is to do what I do for my caterpillars that are in this stage and that is to protect them, to provide a nurturing environment, to help them weather the final storm inside and to watch that their branch doesn't fall over and that a wasp or spider doesn't bother them. The important thing to recognize is that sometime, you must come out - just like the butterfly - you can't stay in there forever. The weather will change - the home or villa that you really decided on will sell - the price will go up, the financing will change, and on and on.

Phase Four - Emergence! (Contract)Phase Four - Contract

Yes - finally the butterfly breaks out of the chrysalis and actually, not to be graphic, there is kind of a sticky substance in their little enclosure - but then wow, the gorgeous, bright, insect begins to slowly flap their wings, the blood flows and within two hours they are ready for me to release them, fly away, to mate and then lay their eggs and live to the fullest their two short weeks.

Hate to say it and obviously your life is not that short - but the excitement of making the decision, making the selection, successfully buying - or selling - the property and then beginning another life chapter is a circle and one that I'm happy to help you with!

So, yes, I've worked in the analogy of my love for this summer, but in truth, I also love working with people and watching them as they go through basically the same stages!

Here's a quick sampling of some 'flowers' for you to begin with in your search! There are plenty more to select from - I hope you'll use my 'store' to shop!


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Comment balloon 12 commentsSusan Jacobsen • August 19 2014 08:37AM


I float like a butterfly, but sting like a bee!

No, not really...I'm a Tiger!

Posted by Pete Xavier, Outstanding Agent Referrals-Nationwide (Investments to Luxury) almost 6 years ago

you'd fit in perfectly around here - with the CLEMSON TIGERS :-)

Posted by Susan Jacobsen, 20 Years Providing WOW Real Estate Service (The Alliance Group Realty) almost 6 years ago

Susan, great analogy - and yes, that's the life cycle of a buyer is! 

Posted by Praful Thakkar, Andover, MA: Andover Luxury Homes For Sale (LAER Realty Partners) almost 6 years ago

Really cute.  I farm butterflies so your pasaflora and gulf fritillary caught my eye!  Lovely.

Posted by Chris Griffith, Bonita Springs Listing Agent (Downing-Frye Realty, Bonita Springs, FL) almost 6 years ago

I love the post as well as the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Gita Bantwal, REALTOR,ABR,CRS,SRES,GRI - Bucks County & Philadel (RE/MAX Centre Realtors) almost 6 years ago

This is a great post.  Liking how you compare.  Very similiar indeed. Pics are great too.

Posted by Rose Mary Justice, Synergy Realty Pros (Synergy Realty Pros) almost 6 years ago

Do butterflys make butter? Who named them? They got the "fly" part down

Posted by Richie Alan Naggar, agent & author (people first...then business Ran Right Realty ) almost 6 years ago

I love this post and it's so nice you combined you two of your passions.  They can turn from renter to home owner.  

Posted by Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED (RETIRED / State License is Inactive) almost 6 years ago

Praful - I'm guessing there are other analogies when they just 'gather' and 'eat' but never 'fly' but I preferred to take the high road :-)

Chris - WOW! I'm in awe. They are like little miracles but they are eating me out of everything with their voracious little jaws. I didn't put the picture of the poor ugly looking giant swallowtail caterpillars - they are huge! and eating my citrus.

Gita - thanks for your kind note

Rose - yes, I'm loving taking the pictures

Richie - I have no idea about the 'butter' part......maybe that's a wikipedia question

Carla - thanks! and I'm soooo excited that everybody loved it and it was featured too so a special bonus.

Now if I can just capture some buyers too :-)

Posted by Susan Jacobsen, 20 Years Providing WOW Real Estate Service (The Alliance Group Realty) almost 6 years ago

I'll be able to share this with some buyers, though I'm thinking the ex-military divorced guy doesn't really want to think of himself as a butterfly.  I'll have to be selective about this.

Nice analogy though...and good luck with your caterpillars, both kinds.

Posted by Claude Labbe, Realty for Your Busy Life (Real Living | At Home) almost 6 years ago

Great analogy!  I have not been able to work much in my garden lately, it has been too hot and I have been too busy.  The daylight is getting shorter now and it is frustrating.  Hope that you continue to have success in 2014.

Posted by Karen Feltman, Relocation Specialist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, IA KW Legacy Group) almost 6 years ago

Patterned after another love, it works so well and neat thought provoking post. The evolution of the buyer....who is out in the real estate audience to use the professional pollen, colors, scents to attract. Real estate is all about the emotions, the tapping into the senses. On your knees in the garden is a spiritual, creative place.

Posted by Andrew Mooers | 207.532.6573, Northern Maine Real Estate-Aroostook County Broker (MOOERS REALTY) almost 6 years ago